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 Village school Teacher interview questions      

teacher interview questions
teacher interview

Reporter-  Hi kids how are you all? Hello, friends today we have brought you to a government school in Bihar. Let’s see how the teachers here are educating children. teacher interview questions, Let’s take an interview with this village school teacher. ||government village school  teacher interview questions||

       Hello! madam we have come from News 24 to take government school teacher interview questions. Can I ask you some questions.
Teacher –   yes ask, said a bit frightened.
Reporter – Firstly, tell your name?
Teacher-  Pushpa Ranjan.
Reporter –  Pushpa Ji, who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?
Teacher-  Narendra Modi said after 5 sec.
Reporter-  I asked the state not the Country. Who is the Chief Minister of Bihar?
Teacher-  Lalu Prasad, said after a little hesitant.  
Reporter-  Amazing! Friends, you can see how the teachers here are making the future of our children. Let’s go to know the other class teacher too. This is class 4 and children are filled up here.

Another teacher interview questions

Reporter –  Hello, madam your name?
Teacher-  Ranju Devi.
Reporter-  Come on guys let’s see this madam’s impact of education towards children. Please tell me the name of the Prime Minister of India.
Teacher –  Shri Narendra Modi, answered firmly.
Reporter-  Chief Minister of our state?
Teacher-  Nitish Kumar.
Reporter-  Education Minister?
Teacher-  Don’t know, said after a little silence.
Reporter-  awesome! A teacher doesn’t know the Education Minister. Can you tell the elephant’s spelling?
Teacher-  E l e f e n t! Said after a little hesitant.
Reporter-  Your English looks great! Said yoking. So friends you can see the way how this madam responded to the elephant’s word. You must have understood how these teachers are giving education to children and sitting in the chair they are getting 60,000 bucks in a month.

primary teacher interview questions and answers
village school

Now the time for best reply – teacher interview questions

Me –  What did you just say! 60 thousand, according to your information, let me tell you they only get 25,000 bucks in a month. Which is less than a Peon. I interrupted her as I hearing all this conversation.       
          It seems to you from outside that these village teachers have no knowledge, teachers have no knowledge in General, so how will these people make the future of children but have you ever tried to reach their root, why is this so with this people, no you won’t. Just going to school two-four will not know. Take a tour of full part of Bihar, then you will be able to understand their feeling deeply. They don’t know the Bihar’s Education Minister name so you people called them uneducated and made a funny statement, even actress Alia Bhatt doesn’t know the name of the Education Minister and the Defense Minister of our country, is she also uneducated?         

interview of school teacher

    Sorry, miss reporter, but where the economic condition is not good, do not talk about education there. Do you know, not from today since they are working as a teacher in Bihar they do not get a salary in time? Occasionally, their salary is halted for half a year. If the facility is good then people also gain knowledge later. Are you blaming the teacher have you ever blamed the government? You tell me, well-educated people want to do such a job? Who do not get salaries for 4 months, so how can you expect a better education.

       Fact about Bihar village school condition       

            Now that you are watching a crowd of children in which half of the children will not be seen after meals. If we talk about our Bihar society, not 10 only, we will see 10 Million people like this, because there is a lack of resources here. Government plans out but doesn’t complete that plan. Many teachers in Bihar are fake, these people have got a job by negotiation with Sarpanchs and they get 60,000 bucks per month while a teacher working honestly and get 25,000 bucks. Here, the workers of the same type get different salaries. So, how can you expect that the upcoming generation will grow??

village school teacher

             You are a well-read reporter, you have a good job while I am not because I don’t have a good job, why?? Because you are from a good place and an educated family while I had a lack of money since my childhood. When I had to take admission to a college or go out somewhere to study then the government did not pay the teacher. I do not know how many people might have lagged in his goal due to the non-payment of salaries on time. Instead of blaming someone next time try to understand their problem. Try to understand their roots before spoiling the stem. Our society is like that.
                         Sorry, I said so much but thanks to you because of which I could say so much.                           
     we can’t understand the other problems until we are in the same position.
                   Jai Hind… 

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