Friends forever – Friendship good or bad

best friends forever
best friends forever

Hello friends myself Vishal Das. Today I have brought about the discussion of the world’s most precious relationship. A relationship in which we share all things of life with each other. The relationship which talked a lot but it seems less. A relationship that makes anyone yours in a moment. Friends I am talking about a relationship of friendship the friends forever. Really, this friendship relationship is very important but does this friendship be forever ?? maybe or maybe not.

How should friendship be??

Some people have such deep friendship that they share all the things with each other without any hesitation. They give each other mobiles, bikes and wifi when they needed. Sometimes even while meeting their girlfriends, they take their friends with them. Such friends are really concerned about their friends at every moment. That is called friends forever.

But if we talk, most of the friendship is seen from one side only. On the one hand, a friend is ready to sacrifice for his friend, on the other hand, that friend does not back down from betrayal. In my view, the best friend is the one who, if he in a relationship with a girl, then he also sets another girl for his friend. If there is no girl in his friend’s life. I think such friends are great.

True Friendship – friendship thoughts

true friends

A true friend connects his friend’s relationship with his girlfriend’s friend. So that his best friend would not be left alone in his life. I salute such people. In contrast to this, if some friend has 2-3 girlfriends, although he does not think so much for his friend. Such friends only show heropanti in front of their friends. After having 2-3 girlfriends, they consider themselves like Tom Cruise. And they feel that they have been given an Oscar Award. Such friends are only and only selfish. Such people don’t think about their friend’s emotion. The friend is alone in his life without a girlfriend, yet the selfish friend only talks about his girlfriends every time in front of them.

Friendship good or bad – best friends forever

We all have a good or bad friend in our lives! Which we come to know later. There are some friends, who ride a bike with high speed without caring for a friend who was behind. They wear helmets while riding a bike on the highway but leave a friend like that. This is the identity of a bad friend. In such cases, when the accident happens, in most of the cases the friend sitting behind loses his life.

A true and good friend always cares for a friend while driving. A bad friend always befriends you for your money. There are friends who use your stuff without any hesitation. But when the time comes, they do not even let their things touch. Then the real definition of friendship is understood.

Friendship side effects – best friends forever

friendship quotes

A good friend introduces his girlfriend to his friend While a bad friend always tries to get a chance to hooks up with that girl. That means stabbing in the back to his friend. A good friend takes his friends to bear bar when they feel hurt. While a bad friend doesn’t show interest when his friends get breakup.

That is why it is said – friendship is good so it’s very good and if bad then it’s very bad. Well, friendship is good or bad what does it impacts. it’s a memorable part of everyone life. How can we leave them? But this does not mean that we kept looting ourselves in friendship. Because some friends are always trying to rob you. they will cheat you when the times come. Our families are also our best friends.

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